We combine proven big data handling techniques with the latest analytics R&D to solve the toughest data problems, deliver dependable analysis at pace and navigate customers to the right analytics tools for their mission.


We design and apply deep learning architectures that classify, link and present multiple data types in ways that are meaningful to our customers, enabling them to exploit the full value of the data they hold.


We are experts at utilizing the power, scale and efficiency of the Cloud to enhance and evolve our customers’ computing and data handling capabilities within the most secure environments.

Complex Algorithm Research & Development

Our data scientists are adept at developing faster and more accurate ways of gaining insight from big data, solving complex problems at the speed of the mission.

Data Collection & Repository Building

We build and sustain some of the largest secure data repositories in the world, applying our expertise to help customers handle exponential data growth efficiently and effectively.


Our software teams work closely with customers to develop and adapt mission critical applications, providing continuous enhancements that evolve with the mission and sustain technological advantage.


We’re proven in our ability to ingest and manage diverse data types – from IoT data to imagery - through the intelligence cycle, giving customers a comprehensive operating picture and the means to act decisively.


We’re adept at creating and adapting a wide range of mission-critical customer applications, working with agility to ensure their failsafe effectiveness in Cloud environments.